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Dr. Herminia Cabral

Maria Hermínia Cabral, born in Angola, 1963.


Master’s Degree  in International Development and Cooperation,

Technical University of Lisbon;  Degree in Economics, University of



Director of the Gulbenkian Development Aid Program since May 2012.

Deputy Director of  the  Department of Health and Human

Development, Calouste Gulbenkian Foundation  (2007-2011)  and

Operational Manager of the Gulbenkian Environmental Program (2007-



Assistant/adviser to the  offices  of  the  Secretaries of State for

Agriculture (1988-1991), the Secretary of State  for Natural Resources

(1992-93), Secretary of State  for Planning and Regional Development

(1993-95). Co-operation attaché  at the Portuguese Embassy in

Luanda, Angola (1991-1992).


Parliamentary  group  European  affairs adviser (1997-2002); Cabinet

Chief  of the Secretary of State for Foreign Affairs and Cooperation

(2002-2004); Vice-President of the Northern Region Co-ordination

Commission (2004); Secretary of State of Regional Development

(2004); Manager of the Operational Health Program (2004-2005).

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