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Dr. Michael Head

Michael Head has been based at University College London since 2004, and is the manager of the Infectious Disease Research Network (


He has studied Biomedical Sciences at University of Portsmouth and Epidemiology at postgraduate level at the London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine.


He is also leading on a large analysis of research funding entitled ‘United Kingdom investments in global infectious disease research: 1997- 2010’. This analysis demonstrates the direction of the research spend across all infectious diseases, including the UK contribution to global health in areas such as malaria and neglected tropical diseases. The work breaks the investments down by disease, clinical specialty and also the type of science (from pre-clinical to implementation studies).


The first paper, and the research database, will likely be published in the autumn of 2012. Several other topic-specific papers are planned, with the assistance of expert collaborators. A website has been set up for the analysis, see

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