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Pr. Graham Matthews

"Integrated Vector Management - a need to do more than issue bed nets and spray houses".


Graham Matthews began his career in 1958  with the Colonial Service in Nysasland but was part of a Cotton Research Team covering the Federation of Rhodesia and Nyasaland. Crop monitoring to time insecticide applications led to significant increases in yield  and higher crop production.


In 1967 he joined Imperial College but was seconded back to Malawi to resume research on cotton pest management where he developed an ultra-low volume application technique subsequently adopted throughout Francophone West Africa. Returning to Imperial in 1972 he then became involved with WHO as an adviser on application technology for vector control.  He contributed various WHOPES meetings and publications, including Equipment for Vector Control.  He has been a consultant for various international organisations and commercial companies.  


Since retiring, while becoming Emeritus Professor of Pest Management at Imperial, he has through the Yaounde Initiative conducted village trials on mosquito control and been active in getting improved control of blackflies along the Sanaga river in Cameroon. He has written several books, including Pesticide Application Methods (3RD Ed. 2000), Pesticides: Health, safety and the Environment (2005) and Integrated Vector Management (2011).  


Recently he has been instructing Spray teams conducting WHOPES trials for indoor residual spraying in The Gambia and Vietnam.

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