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Pr. Sue Welburn

Pr. Sue Welburn (University of Edinburgh) is Assistant Principal of Global Health and Professor of Medical and Veterinary Molecular Epidemiology, Centre for Infectious Disease, The University of Edinburgh and group leader of the sleeping sickness research group.


Sue has more than 20 years experience working on human sleeping sickness and zoonotic trypanosomiasis in domestic wild and animal populations. Research concentrates on the design and use of molecular diagnostic tools for the study and management of sleeping sickness and animal trypanosomiaisis. Research has encompassed research ranging from ‘grass-roots’ fieldwork in Africa to laboratory-based dissection of the problem of trypanosomiasis at the gene level. Experience ranging from the management of high-tech laboratory research to the running of applied field projects in developing countries. Sue started her career at what was the Tsetse Research Laboratories in Bristol, a facility supported by ODA.


Sue has supervised over 35 PhD and research Masters students and has projects ongoing in Uganda, Kenya, Nigeria, Mozambique, Mali, Morocco. Zambia and Tanzania collaborating focussing on medical and veterinary sector interventions for disease control (in partnership with the National Institute of Medical Research, Ministries of Health, Ministries of Agriculture) supported by funding from World Health Organization /DFID /Wellcome Trust/Leverhulme Trust, Cunningham Trust, EU and NTI, Global Health and Security Initiative). Sue has published of over 140 peer reviewed scientific articles, reviews and book chapters.  Sue has a strong commitment to Capacity Building in HEI and Research Institutions in the Global South and Director of the Edinburgh Global Health Academy.